create great value more than the products

Nenwell has a full range of high-quality green and energy saving refrigeration products to meet our customers'needs.
Over many years of developing the relationships within the refrigeration industry, Nenwell has developed a large catalog of high-quality refrigeration equipment that is suitable for supermarkets, hotels, etc. From functionality to appearance and price to value, Nenwell provides the professional services and experience for you to make the right, successful choices for your product development projects.

To be ahead
of the Market

with different

refrigeration product

As a professional commercial refrigerator manufacturer, Nenwell has a broad vision and sensitive sense in the industry, we have great innovation ability on research and development to offer excellent refrigeration solutions to our customers.

Internationally Inspired Vision

Participating in different kinds of international hotel equipment and refrigeration exhibitions every year.
This makes us to be more professional and sensitive on the market trends.

Nenwell has international procurement capabilities allowing us to recommend hot-selling products that are successful globally. We offer a large array of products to choose from.

A Vast offering of refrigeration products solutions

for hotels and supermarkets!

With a large number of product options and knowledge about the latest refrigeration technologies available, Nenwell will recommend the most suitable green energy-saving refrigeration products. Green energy-saving products enhance product convenience, save labor and space! We have the capability to design CAD drawings for customers to accurately deliver quality products in the fastest time possible.
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Develop a bright
future with


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10 times sales in three years

In the past years, Nenwell have continuously provided effective market development suggestions for different customers, cultivated customers the refrigeration products experience, helping customers quickly occupy the market share! Some of our customers have achieved rapidly sales growth in the short term through the cooperation with Nenwell!

As a OEM & ODM refrigeration manufacturer, we are proud of this and also take this to give back to the society care for Nenwell. The success of our business is firmly founded on the loyalty, reliable,mutual trust and respect between all of the members of the company, our customers and business partners. Through recognizing the importance of partnership, we build strong bonds with our customers and suppliers, focussing on mutual growth and success.

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